Don't want Covid? Try this....No don't

Some people are ridiculous.....Like those people who wear shorts and a puffer jacket in the middle of winter. These folks in India are taking it to another level.

Recently I covered this story briefly on the ZFU podcast but for those who did not hear that this is for you.

India has been ravaged with covid more than any other country and some people are desperate and looking to other remedies to try and combat it.

In the western state of Gujarat, some people have turned to cow shelters to cover their bodies in cow shit and piss once a week, in the hope that it will boost their immunity or help them recover from the virus. Cows are considered sacred in India, with the animal a symbol of life and the earth in the Hindu faith. For centuries, Hindus have used cow dung to clean their homes and for prayer rituals, believing it has therapeutic and antiseptic properties.

But health authorities have come out and warned that this will not help with the cure or prevention of covid and in fact, can cause other serious health issues and viruses.

I would probably rather have covid.

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