Ever wondered how much a verse from your favorite rapper would cost?

Updated: May 10

Ever thought about how artists get other artists on their track? Well definitely a lot of it is who you know and mutual friendships but if you're not as big an artist as the one you want to feature with then it's going to cost you a bag.

Back in February Da Baby said it would cost $300,000 to get on a track with him...but then he backtracked in April and said it would cost $250,000.

Polo G would be a measly $85,000, Nicki Minaj is asking $500,000 which is no surprise and 2 Chains price for a verse is $100,000.

I would think the artists bigger than these are asking in the millions such as a drake or an Eminem.

So now you know something others don’t know and can seem smarter than the rest at parties and dinners.

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