Getting high of fermented meat?

Forget weed, meth, heroin or MDMA! the new drug of choice has landed and it is fermented and rotten meat! The kids are calling it "High meat".

High meat is raw meat that has been left out for fermentation, a process that uses organisms to bring a chemical change to food. And while there's a difference between controlled fermentation versus leaving the meat to rot, Men's Health reports, it can be a hard process to get right.

According to some eating high meat is the treat at the end of a long food preparation journey that brings him closer to the days of early humans. The rotten meat trend falls under the paleo (or primal eating) umbrella, with paleo dieters choosing foods that hunter-gatherers would have eaten in the Paleolithic era -- 10,000 to 2.5 million years ago, according to the Mayo Clinic.

So when using "High meat to get high a Reddit user described a feeling of "euphoria, unity, and family."

There are significant dangers to eating rotten meat Besides the aforementioned risk of botulism, which can kill you, eating food that's been left out can cause foodborne illness caused by either foodborne infection or intoxication, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. The USDA states foodborne infection can be caused by "eating food that contains live bacteria or pathogens." -- most commonly norovirus and salmonella. Foodborne intoxication, according to the USDA, is "caused by eating food that contains toxins that are released by pathogens." Botulism is a foodborne intoxication.

In a less scientific story to warn you about the dangers of homemade rotten meat, the New Yorker article on primal eating describes leaving high meat eaters, at times, "explosively incontinent." Or, to put it plainly, with diarrhea.

So will you be eating rotten meat? Not me!

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