How to really not care what others think

Updated: May 10

Ok so we hear all the time “ I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks” or “ I just do me” but if we are all honest with ourselves there is normally at least a small part of us that still cares what some people think or how we are perceived


As a brand Zerofux is about trying to really have that mindset of not caring what people think and doing what you want to do when it comes to your dreams and goals. So how do we do it? And in true transparency I am not even close to mastering this (if we ever do master it)

I found when I was younger and I see it in my kids that we care what people think way more when we are younger. We need the new shoes, the latest PlayStation, and to be in the cool friend's group. As I get older and care so much less because I really started to learn what and who's important.

1. The negative comments someone makes is about them, and not you.

I never really understood this one but after a lot of thinking and learning Its so true! Have you ever had someone leave negative comments, or said hateful things to you and that person was doing better than you? I can’t say I have! Generally, people who are failing, having issues in their own life and are generally unhappy will try and bring you down and it takes a special person to build you up and show you positivity. So remember it’s them not you and they're not happy! Probably even jealous.

2. Be true to yourself.

Yes, this is almost painfully cliche, but it’s crucial. It was a valuable lesson I didn’t learn until the last few years and I’m 37!

I use to always try and change the way I acted to suit each person I dealt with and it is exhausting! I would always try to act in a way that I thought the other person wanted whether it be a boss at work or a customer etc. When I left a job I hated and hated the company culture I was sick of trying to please everyone so I started to really just be myself no matter what and while you won’t please everyone that is actually a positive because those people are generally better off out of your circle because their energy suckers and take all that positive energy from you and that needs to be protected! So try your best to think and search what and who you truly are! It won’t happen overnight but it can really make you so much happier.

3. This is your one life. There are no do-overs.

All of our stories will end the same. Death is inevitable. As uncomfortable as it may be to acknowledge the fact that we will all die, it can also be liberating.

One thing that really gives me the anxiety is waking up and 70 and realising I lived my life to other peoples rules and expectations and by doing that I never truly lived. We only have 1 life and I couldn’t think of anything worse than regretting not doing the things I wanted or being myself because I was worried about what that troll doing fuck all with his life thought of me Or what I was doing.

4. Think, really think, about the absolute worst-case scenario.

What intimidates you? What’s holding you back from doing the things you want to do? Is it losing money? Losing friends? Being embarrassed? Well to me what’s worse is not trying because you never know what will work! When I decided to start a podcast and especially film it I was and still am nervous, I hate being on camera and am very self-conscious but I know if I don’t give it my best shot I’ll never know what could have been! The point of the podcast is to bring the fans of Zerofux clothing value and content and I just never know what will come of putting my fears aside and doing it anyway.

So in short

In short: we won’t do the things that make us happy, and we won’t live life to the fullest. How sad is that? I know, because I’ve done it in the past. I’ve held myself back from doing the things I wanted, all because I was too concerned with what others would think and I missed out on many opportunities as a result.

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