Pay up sucka! Apple leaks explicit images.

Apple has paid millions of dollars to settle a lawsuit with a student after employees leaked explicit photographs and videos from her iPhone that was sent in for repair.

In 2016, an unnamed student in Oregon sent her iPhone to Apple to be repaired. The device was handed over to a Pegatron facility in Sacramento, California, where it was examined by technicians.

Two of the technicians then posted "10 photos of her in various stages of undress and a sex video" to the woman's Facebook account, to make it seem like she posted the images herself, according to The Telegraph. The explicit content was later removed once friends of the victim told her of their publication.

The woman then threatened a lawsuit for the invasion of privacy and emotional distress, with the additional warning there would be "negative media publicity" due to the lawsuit's existence. Apple provided a "multimillion-dollar" settlement of

undisclosed size, following a demand for $5 million.

Confidentiality provisions as part of the settlement prevented further discussion of the case or the amount paid. However, the existence of the lawsuit still surfaced due to it being referenced by another lawsuit.

So in summary, unless you want millions of dollars delete any dodgy pics before sending your phone away for repair!

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